Hi there! Cori, Owner of Redefining Strength here!
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A little bit more about me...
Most likely you've found my site because you were curious to learn more about the crazy, fast-talking woman behind Redefining Strength.

Why you were interested...well that is beyond me, but it's nice to meet you.

If, however, you found my site by accident and have absolutely no idea who I am, well this is the long and short of it...

I'm a former Division I tennis player for Boston University. It feels like another lifetime ago that I did this though because my fitness journey has taken me across the country to where I now live in Southern California and own a fitness business and gym called Redefining Strength.

I may have started playing tennis when I was 3 because my mom said it was more fun than playing Barbies, but since then I've dabbled in so many other areas. I've even competed in Powerlifting (becoming the 2011 MA/RI State Powerlifting Overall Best Raw Lifter, placing first also in my weight class). 

I've done so many different things as an athlete, but my happy place is as coach. I'm here to help others on their fitness journey whether they are just getting started and scared to go to the gym or they are personal trainers looking to open and grow their own business.

I've got a passion for empowering people and guiding them to better health and happiness. 

Below you can learn where to find more information about my passion - coaching health and fitness!
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(949)287-3123 (you can call but I prefer email...I'm not a fan of the phone!)